Jewels made in Florence

If it was to be a planet, it would be Pluto: the most distant planet, the most uncommon planet, the.. non-planet.

Pluto, with his outlandish, sloping, elliptical orbit, so different from anyone else’s. It gets perilously close to the sun, then gently strokes it with no burn. Quick, magic, intriguing, invisible to the naked eye, romantically nocturnal. Trans-neptunian, unknown.

Together with Charon, they create an undefined binary system, perfect and unique within the solar system. Although time slowed down the gravity of their revolutions, Charon and Pluto, tidally locked, keep showing the same face each towards the other, spending their eternal nights looking at each other, waiting for an endless dawn together.

Plooto takes inspiration from a post-modern style blended with the Italian traditional craft, with the aim to create handcrafted pieces in Florence, meant to last forever.

Unique jewelry that exemplifies the alchemy of natural, precious materials. Original, colorful, joyful, refined yet unexpected. At the same time classic and modern, the minimalist lines and delicate shapes are enhanced by precious stones in pastel colors.

As an ongoing experiment in simple design, Plooto plays with colors and shapes in order to reach the ultimate goal: make people awfully happy, strong and confident while wearing one of our pieces.